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Why Pressure Washing is Important for Your Home or Business

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Pressure washing is so much more than just using a combination of different cleaning tools to purify and sterilize an environment. Pressure washing could revamp your entire home or place of businesses when done by a reputable company. Your home collects dirt and contaminants on a regular basis, but here at Power washing-Pros, we pride ourselves on our capability to take care of this with ease at an extremely affordable cost.

Pressure Washing

From our wide variety of experience to our state of the art, top of the line equipment, we are the quickest and most reliable service in the valley. We’ve given businesses and plaza’s with over 70,000 square feet a facelift on a regular basis once a month for the past two years. All it takes? A single phone call to find out if our service is right for you! When you call a reputable power washer like us, we know exactly what to prescribe and how to give an accurate quote.

Pressure washing essentially takes a run-down look or design, and through strategic cleaning, a powerful engine, and strict chemicals all following California law guidelines, it purifies and cleanses every last spec of dirt, dust, mold, mildew, and grime both visible and invisible on one’s flooring. It will create an aesthetically pleasing environment that will attract both customers and visitors to your home or place of business. For those who are aware of the benefits (as mentioned in earlier blogs), pressure washing gives you a sort of boost in the competition. Something as simple as a pizza shop that has several neighbors who are other eateries in the area will get a large upping in the number of people who stop to look at the restaurant as an option for them due to the entire front area of the restaurant being clean and spotless. That is why on our regular routes daily we have many small business owners inquiring to clean the few parking spots in front of the unit they are leasing or own. Not to mention that once a consumer pays a visit to a store or restaurant with an aesthetically pleasing feel to it, they will most certainly come back to continue conducting business as needed! As for one’s home, it is key to pressure wash for a huge variety of reasons. It gives it a genuine facelift and makes your home just look younger. The same philosophy applies to one entering a room with a bed made, a clean organized environment, clothes put away, etc. It is the same exact philosophy that is applied to one who pressure washes their driveway, brick and stone, or any other form of flooring that leads upright to the doorstep. It is more pleasant for both the homeowner and the actual person that is invited as a guest! Take a look at some of our Home Pressure Washing Before and After Photos

Benefits of Pressure Washing:

 There are many benefits to pressure washing, but the most important one would be that keeping an environment clean for loved ones, customers or business partners in a workplace, and yourself is key to making sure your health is in great shape. Obviously, someone having good health isn’t going to be solely determined by the environment you’re in or the air you’re breathing, but It is very important that people become aware that build-up of mildew, mold, dust, and many other unhealthy impurities that we breathe in on a regular basis can cause a wide variety of ailments. That is the root cause of needing pressure washing. If one was to take the time to pressure wash the front yard of their homes, they could be ridding the place of nasty contaminants that are known to cause a wide variety of illnesses. I personally was a victim of developing asthma due to the constant dust surrounding my home as I played about my front and back yard at a younger age. It is very important that surfaces, concrete, tile, any material of flooring remain A.S.A.P. (As Sterile As Possible) when actively being used by young kids, adults, or the elderly.

  Not to mention it adds value to your home or place of business! Curb appeal is a silent trigger for intensive consumer psychology. As a consumer, if there is a choice to pick between a place of business or office with dirty and unpleasant curb appeal, or choose the option to conduct business at a similar venue with actual quality curb appeal, the consumer will likely make the executive decision of conducting business with the latter.

  Another major benefit of pressure washing that is most vital to the material itself, is that when constantly pressure washing, one increases the lifespan of any material. Take concrete for example, Concrete sustains a very solid lifespan before needing to be re-done, and that being said, pressure washing will remove the contaminants that cause concrete to crack, break, and collect permanent dirt. If time goes on too long without pressure washing, such as a parking lot at a plaza or place of business, that has collected so much dirt that a layer of contaminants has changed the color of the overall flooring, it will be difficult for one to remove the entire layer of dirt that has found its home on the plaza flooring. Preserving the aesthetic of the actual flooring is key for businesses and plazas. Regarding stone and tile, it is far worse considering they don’t have the same lifespan of cleanliness that concrete does. Most businesses prefer Pressure Washing Services on a regular basis due to the simplicity of ensuring their business is viewed as clean, and their environment for consumers doesn’t leave a single tick of a reason, consumers should take their business elsewhere. At Power washing-Pros, we pride ourselves on excellence, timing, and such quality work that we find more customers through our customers due to how happy we ensure our clientele is.

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