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Why is Shower Head Leaking

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The Problems behind why Shower Head is leaking and Its Solution

Be honest, who doesn’t love to take a long shower after returning home from the office? Well! Everyone loves that. While taking a long hot shower, suddenly if you notice that shower head is leaking, how would you feel?

Let me answer that. Firstly you will become, and then you will ask yourself why shower head is leaking? Well! With profound problems, I wrote this article which is precisely the ultimate solution for you. Not just the problem, this article also contains the solution the damaged or leaking shower head.

The reason for Shower Head Leaking

Most of the time, shower head leaks because of the rubber washer. For the long time usage, the rubber washer gets torn sometimes which makes the shower head leak water. Therefore, sometimes shower head drips after shut off as well.

As the pipe gets cracked or the rubber washer tears, the water starts to flow through those cracks, tears. To check the leakage, you can turn off the shower and then verify that either the shower head is leaking the water or the leakage is at anywhere else. If the shower head is leaking the water then follow the procedure I mentioned down below and fix the problem.

Getting Rid of Leaked Shower Head

Before you call a plumber and invest a lot of money, check this procedure and try one time. With this procedure, you can quickly sort out the leakage and fix the shower. Sometimes it might happen that the shower head is leaking at threads as well. But you can sort out them as well. SO let’s see:

  • Firstly, unclog the holes of the shower head
  1. Make sure that you have completely turned off the supply of water to the shower head.
  2. After then, take off the whole head of the shower along with the faceplate as well.
  3. Keep the faceplate drowned inside the white vinegar for eight long hours.
  4. After that, remove all the deposits manually that are leftover.
  5. Attach everything back to the old place and then check that the shower is okay now or not?
  • Renewing the Cracked Rubber Washer
  1. First, check out carefully that which rubber washer needs to change.
  2. If you can’t find it, then replace the rubber washer of both the shower head as well as the faucet. Replacing them is not a big deal at all.
  3. After that, attach all the shower parts back again and check that is the water leakage still going on or not.

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  • Lastly, replace the Cartridge Valve which is Multi functioning.
  1. It is the last cause of your shower head leakage. So make sure that you find the problem very carefully.
  2. And to replace the faucet, you have to expose the stem of the cartridge. And to do that you have to take off the handle of the faucet again.
  3. Then take off the cartridge and attach a new one.
  4. Lastly, fix all the materials and check again that the shower head is leaking water or not. Right now it 100% sure that water will not fall.

Final Thought

Undoubtedly, it sucks to fix critical damage like shower head leakage. To those people who were asking, why shower head is leaking? This article is the best answer for them. Check out the procedure and sort out your shower head leaking problem very quickly.  

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