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What is the Insulated Concrete Form and its Pros and Cons

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Insulated Concrete Form

Insulated Concrete Form is a sandwich type form which is widely used in construction works nowadays. This easy means of construction was inventeda long time ago. But the popularity of it is growing in recent years. Because of the builder-friendly characteristics and the ability to last for a long time with a strong bond, it is growing faster than most other types of construction works in recent years.

Insulated Concrete Forms

Insulated Concrete Form, also known as ICF, is a framework which is used in building walls. Unlike the removable frames used in conventional construction works, these frames are not removable. ICF Concrete Forms stays as a permanent part of the wall. The framework stays there as insulation and the concrete works as structure.

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To build a wall, roof or floor, the single units of the for mare interlocked through a system which builds a strong bond. When the full frame is built through the interlocking of single units, it is filled with concrete. Here the units lock together, just like we see in Lego bricks. Thus it takes the form of a structural wall.

Insulated Concrete Forms can be manufactured from different types of materials. For example- you’ll see some ICF systems made of a hybrid combination of wood fiber and cement or plastic foam beads and cement. Some other ICF forms are made of expanded polystyrene in which around 20 percent is recycled.

This form or construction being popular day by day because of a handful of advantages it gives to the builders as well as the dwellers. Many builders have already started to use this form of construction and suggesting it to the clients. Let’s see why this form of construction is being popular to people day byday.

 Advantages of Insulated Concrete Form

  1. A building built with Insulated Concrete Form is more likely to retain more heat than abuilding built using conventional Construction method. In this case, the two layers of foam along with concrete wall works great to retain heat.
  2. Using the ICF method blocks the sound more efficiently. The multi-layer walls, roofs,andfloors block the inside sound to go out and the outside sound to get in. As a result, this is a very helpful method to build buildings in anoisy neighborhood.
  3. Insulated Concrete Forms are builder-friendly. There are many reasons. Assembling these are as easy as assembling Lego blocks. These come with a very light weight. As a result, handling ICF is very easy. ICF allows the builders to build in a quick but efficient manner.
  4. Another benefit of ICF is it is long lasting. As a result, a building built with ICF lasts longer than a building built in a traditional system.

 Disadvantages of Insulated Concrete Forms

  1. Building with ICF needs expertise and experience. Otherwise, this is a bit tough.
  2. ICF panels are vulnerable to groundwater. Getting this problem solved, you need to spend some extra money.
  3. As long as the concrete can’t cure fully, you may face humidity problems.

 Final Verdict

Just like other means of construction, ICF has some pros and cons. But if you think of the efficiency and other major matters, ICF is one of the best construction methods.

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