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The Best Wired CCTV Systems for Your Home

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Every morning we leave home to pursue our dreams but little do we realize returning home would become a nightmare if we fail to ensure the proper security of our kids, pets and properties. Keeping an eye and staying connected help us to protect our family members, kids, pets, cars, garage, pool, garden and all other properties from any kind of unexpected accidents or incidents.

What about the kids? Are they sound and safe? How about my grandma? Does she get her favorite warm gown? How about the car? Did I cover it properly? Does the kitty have its food on time? What about the microwave oven? Was it unplugged properly? All these questions always peep on our mind during the time we spend outside the home. But the reality is, it’s not always possible for us to stay with all our belongings and keep them safe as we always want. Everybody wants to keep his/her babies, pets and properties safe and sound.

If you are really concerned about the security of your properties and want to keep an eye over your kids, pets and on your whole home, a high-quality CCTV setup from Serious Security CCTV Systems can help you the most!

There are many options to cover your home up under the 24/7 CCTV surveillance. It can be wired or wireless. But you can ensure the direct access from your smartphone to observe your home anytime staying anywhere of the world.

Which CCTV Setup Suits You the Best?

You can choose any of the 3 types of CCTV setup for your home as per your budget and requirement. Before choosing the right camera setup, analyze the pros and cons of every system type.

  1. Wired CCTV System: It is the most common and convenient way to setup a security system for a home or office. In this system, cameras are connected to a power source and with the Internet through cables. There are two types of wired CCTV Systems, the traditional DVR (Digital Video Recorder) Systems and the latest NVR (networked video recorder) Systems.

Pros: A wired CCTV System is more durable and reliable than that of the other systems. Usually you can install 4 to 16 cameras in this system to record 24/7. The system can be connected to the Internet for remote access. You can view the real-time footage on your smartphone if your system comes with a built-in app. This system is hassle-free and the maintenance cost of this system is very low. Once the system setup is complete, you are free and relaxed for a long time without any kind of maintenance measures or a low maintenance charge. Wired system also allows you to connect a computer monitor to view the recording as it happens.

Wired CCTV System are capable to capture higher quality videos as there is no bandwidth limitations. Moreover, it ensures the maximum privacy of your recordings and it is almost impossible to hack the system.

Cons: The wiring is an important issue in this system which costs a bit higher. You can conceal the whole wiring to increase the beauty of your home if you want. You should check the power and Internet cables and connections on a regular basis to ensure an uninterrupted service for a long time.

  1. Wireless CCTV System: Here, the cameras are connected with the Internet wirelessly over Wi-Fi and the power is supplied by a cable.

Pros: The main advantage of this system is uses of less cables though the price of the equipment is a bit higher. But the installation and operation of this system are very easy. Wireless cameras allow you to view the footage live or recorded from a remote location easily using your smartphone or tablet.

Cons: You need an Internet router to supply the Internet to the cameras wirelessly. If the signal from the router is weak, the surveillance activities will be hampered. Besides, you need to keep your cameras within your Internet coverage area. The video quality of this system depends on your Internet bandwidth. You may have spotty videos due to weak bandwidth. Moreover, most of the wireless system uses cloud storage which requires a monthly subscription fee.

  1. Wire-free CCTV System: In this system, wireless cameras are connected to the internet over Wi-Fi and powered by built-in batteries. The batteries can be recharged by a cable or solar power sources.

Pros: The system contains no cables literally. The main advantage of this system is camera mobility. As there are no cables in the system, you can move and change your security setup location very easily if required.

Cons: But there are some limitations too in the system. If the batteries run out, cameras will be turned off. Besides, you have to set your cameras up within the Internet coverage and near to a power supply source for recharging the batteries. As there is no cable, cameras can also be stolen easily. Besides these, you have to pay monthly subscription fees for cloud storage. This system Can be susceptible to hacking also.

Choose the Best CCTV System for your Home:

Choosing the best CCTV setup is really a difficult thing. If you want a hassle free, easy to install, more durable and reliable system, you should go for the Wired CCTV System setup for your home or office. It ensures the maximum privacy measures with the minimum cost. But if you want some advanced features and ready to expend a bit higher for cloud storage subscription, you can choose either wireless or a wire-free CCTV Security System.

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