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Proven Ideas to Make Your Curtains Look New

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It is not always be possible to purchase new curtains for the home. We all agree that they will bring a new vibe and lift the look but it is expensive. This will definitely put the heavy strain on the budget you define for the decoration. Despite wasting money on the new curtains and assassination the old one, try the ways to make them new. They can also help in creating the new lavishing look by utilizing the old one. Reviving them is economical and also creative. This will increase the creativity of yours and also the skill of utilizing the old things precisely.

Let’s starts with the designing and purchasing of the supplies to redecorate and redesign the curtains in a trendy and effective manner. Start a journey and get to know interesting ways. Read the below article to get the best ideas and solution for your queries.

How to design Curtains?

Follow the below mention steps for redesigning the drapes for your place at a reasonable cost.

Sketch the simple curtain design with the stripe the new fabric from the top of the old fabric to give the look of the brand new curtain. Adding the new fabric texture to the new one is the perfect idea to do. You just need t to decide how much you need the old one and the new one before shopping.  You can also add the stripes of the iron on fabric to your design. This is also appealing and makes it look enormous. Most of the designers at the stripes of the new fabric in a horizontal with and join them with the old one. The horizontal stripes will increase the width while the vertical is added for the contrast in the draperies.

Measure the amount of the fabric you will need to add in the old fabric of the curtains.  You can begin with the old fabric and add two inches additional. Make sure you compute it accurately that not only add the new feel but also add style in the old one. This method will hem to complete the curtains.

Calculate the old length and the width of the curtains you already used in the room accurately.  Add extra two inches for the seam allowances. Make sure that the old fabric of the drapes must be 26 inches long with the 4 inches width.

Making the curtains look updated and stunning, you need to add the 2 stripes to the new fabric.  The joining of both fabrics should be handled with care and accuracy. From the top to bottom add the stripes so that you are able to get the look you are dreaming for.  Total material altogether is required 28 inches. Make sure the new one is wider from the old one for the raw edges.

Use statement hardware

Upgrade the basic panels of the curtains by adding the thicker and more substantial hardware to the treatment of the window.  If the room of your home is larger in size, the windows in them are also bigger in size obviously. You need oversized curtains in addition to the hardware.  Use the material from top to bottom goes with the theme of the room. For the more textured and eye catchy look, pick the hardware for the curtains that are metallic finish.

Upgrade the pull of curtains

You can use the bedding set with stylish curtain pulls for the room without looking matronly.  This is the affordable thing that you may prepare without spending a lot of money and time.  You can easily customize the look of the curtains pull with the agate or the rock. If you want fancy for the place, you can use the crystal doorknob. For preventing sunlight blackout curtains are used that can be made the room dark during the day.

Switch curtain direction

To change the look of the curtains, you simply need to pull the curtains to the opposite directions.  It will give the room a great drama and more texture. This action will work best with the solid linen or the sheer panel curtains. This will add the glamorous, unique and mind blowing emphasize of the style of the curtains in no means. 

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