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Modern retractable awnings-Things you consider before purchasing

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Home is the most comfortable place for us. We like to call it a dream place or a piece of heaven, right? And that’s why we want to include all the modern facilities in it. So what about modern retractable awnings?

Well, it is a must-have if you want to give your house a stunning and elegant look. So take a risk to assemble it. We hope you won’t be disappointed because there is a scope to buy a custom made.

But as it is one of the significant investments, we think you need to consider a few factors before purchasing, it may save YOUR time and give a relaxed lifestyle!

Things you need to know about modern retractable awnings

Here are some of the aspects that are crucial in terms of mordern retractable awnings:

  • Trusted /Renowned brand

 You may know the line that a good quality lasts forever. So no matter what your budget is or how you want to implement it, first ensure that your product is from a trusted brand and it is also coming from a good dealer.

Never buy them blindly. Go to the websites, check unbiased reviews, video, and then decide to buy.

  • Installation facilities

 Almost all the dealers or famous brand allow a long term sales servicing of their products. Try to purchase from there; otherwise, you won’t get quality installation from an anonymous brand when you need to install it. That’s why check the installation package then give the money.

  • Frabic quality

Make sure that your awnings fabrics are of 90-100%  acrylic fabrics. Because they won’t rot, and they come with a good texture on both sides. So you can easily use them for 10-15 years with proper maintenance.

  • Warranty

 Well, retractable awnings are basically for long term use. These items have a chance to be damaged easily. And a considerable warranty period is essential.

At the same time, you should know whether the warranty is prorated or a full-time contract.

Prorated warranty is not that effective; try to go for full-time security cause it can save your money and protect the quality.

  • The fastening process

Modern retractable awnings usually have 200-400 pound weight. Besides, the heavyweight modern days’ awnings are using a 3/8″ broad shift in installation.

The shaft length is significant because it has to reach the main framework. So you should know how they complete the total process else it may be a severe threat

  • How to operate

Though we’ve put this criterion on number 6, you know it is our first concern while buying retractable awnings.

If you don’t know how to operate, then the product will go in vain. You may check the manuals, and if it seems complicated, don’t go for it.

Check the motor and the hand crank operation system. One more thing, check the switch category also. Here you will get both hands held switch and wall switch. Pick any according to your choice.

  • Angle

Though angle increases the beauty of awnings, it has a significant impact on the implementation. Because if you settle them in a perfect corner, they Can give good coverage.

Such as:

If you install an awning for an east/ west-facing window, you need more sun coverage, and then you should go for the the65%-75% From size.

On the contrary, if you are purchasing for the south-facing window, then  45-60% drop awning is better as sunlight comes in low heat so that you can opt for a less drop size. 

  • Side panels

Okay! Now come to interior planning. Few customers yearn for extra side panels.

The smooth architectural finish gives your yard a different look with full coverage. Moreover, the side panels also provide te awnings additional protection.

  • Size and style

You know size is a variable factor for awnings. Size may vary according to your area, specific needs, and your personal preference. 

But in my opinion, if you are the owner of a small apartment, then go FOR small ones. It will increase the overall view. Larger ones can fade the architectural beauty.

On the other hand, if you have any large area, more large awnings give you more shade and comfort.

And when it comes to styling, let me tell you that there are closed or open sides, double bars, dome bars, waterfall, semi-circular design. Check different websites, then pick one according to your interior design.

  • Frame  materials

 A sturdy frame lengthen the lifespan of your awning. So check the frame materials first. Most of them are USA based product.

And the central facility is that you can easily customize the frames. For a personalized product, they need 2-3 weeks.

You may also find the same material at lower prices from China. But I will suggest not to go for these items Because they won’t last for a long time.  Chinese frames are a bit fragile.

  • Spring force

 Most modern retractable awnings have spring oriented folded arms that balance the overall weight. It maintains the acrylic fabric steadily.

As the retracting process is a bit hard, so you need to be very careful. There is an internal arm spring which you need to stretch.

There are three kinds of stretching spring-like:

Cable: Cables are stainless and have a PVC coat for long term use.

Chains: They come with a standard form that we used in bicycle or rickshaw.

Belts: Belts are made of PVC or Kelvin materials. They are more stout and lasts longer than chains. For example, The belts will give you 20,000-100,000 spinning durability. 

  • Additional materials to protect

 Though retractable awnings are useful to use and quality-based products. But make sure that your package comes with additional parts.

You especially need to manage 2/3 extra good to avoid any unnecessary Hazard. If your roof is mounted accidentally, then an extra hood is necessary.

This hood can increase the height from 6-8inches. At the same time, the hood will protect your motor from water dripping.

Final words

Nowadays, modern retractable awnings are hyped materials to increase the beauty of apartments. Even a few five-stars hotels also tend to use these.

No matter where you use these, before purchasing, research a lot o get the ultimate benefit. You may also go with our suggestion to purchase a money worth product!

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