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Lanai Screen Repair: Why to do

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Lanai Screen

Lanai is the external extension of your house which is covered by a screen. Lanai isn’t covered with wall of brick, wood or another material like the other rooms of your house. It is normally covered with screens which can be removed.

But some lanai also contains non-removable screens according to the preference of the owner of the house. It is thought that lanai increases the beauty of the house. It is true. A perfectly designed and regularly cleaned lanai can increase the beauty of your house.

 Why should Lanai Screen be Repaired?

The screen of the lanai is called as the lanai screen. As lanai is the external extension of the house, it becomes attacked by a large number of things. As a result, you may find your lanai screen fractured. Besides, any external or internal hit may break the lanai screen. At that time, you will need to repair the lanai screen.

Here a few things are discussed which creates the need for repairing the lanai screen-

  1. It is a common matter that different birds sit on the screen of the lanai. Those birds also leave waste products on the screen most of the time. Corrosion may be occurred by the waste products of those birds. This corrosion leaves a scar on the screen. As a result, the screen doesn’t look good and needs to be replaced to recover the beauty of the house and lanai.
  2. If there is a garden or lawn in front of your house with a few big trees, there must be some squirrels. A bad thing about these tiny cute creatures is these are really annoying sometimes. Squirrels make holes in the joints of the screen and frame by chewing or gnawing the frame. These holes increase the need for repairing the lanai screen.
  3. Natural calamities like storm, thunderstorm, and hurricanes may cause damage to the lanai screen. The damages caused by these natural calamities may be huge or tiny, for example- these may break most of the screen of the lanai or make some small holes here and there. But you need to repair the screens if you want to enjoy the benefits of a lanai.
  4. If you live near the ocean, the salty weather will destroy the frame structure of your lanai screen. The weather may corrode the metal parts of the screen frame. As a result, you need to change the frame. Otherwise, the lanai won’t look beautiful. Besides, corrosion may create holes in the screen frame and make it weak.
  5. If your home is located in a place where the temperature is extreme, you may need to change the screen not frequently but a few times in a year. Extreme temperature can leave its footprint on the screen by creating distort, degradation or dry rot portions. Besides, the extreme temperature can change the color of the frame or the screen. As a result, you have to change the screen and frame of the lanai.

Some Suggestions about Lanai Screen Repairing

  1. At the time of repairing or changing the lanai screen, think of upgrading it to get more advantage besides of a good look. The upgrading may contain upgrading of the materials, upgrading of the design or upgrading of the features.
  2. You may add some features to look your lanai more beautiful. For example- a few artworks on the screen may bring a different touch.
  3. At the time of changing the screen of lanai, take professional help. There are a lot of people who provide lanai screen repairing service. They also may help and contribute to your beautification idea.
  4. Changing the shape of the lanai will change the look of your house. But if you don’t want hazards, you shouldn’t look for it.

Final Thought

Lanai is a good idea of making the house a bit more beautiful. As a result, many people are having a lanai with their house. But, it should be taken care of properly. So, don’t be too late if your lanai screen needs to be repaired.

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