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Essential Tools For The Garden And The Gardener

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Harvest onions from the double wheel hoe of our orchard, loosen beets, turnips, cut spinach and discover plant pests. To be able to remove deep root vegetables, such as carrots, parsnips, or to pick fruits on large trees; In short, for every need that is presented in your garden or orchard, there are many tools and articles for the garden beyond a good and sharp knife or a pair of pruning shears. It is true that they may be enough to do the job. But for optimal results, what we really have to do is go to the right implements.

Essential Tools For The Garden

If you want something done right, do it yourself, but make sure that on the way you follow the proper procedures, otherwise, you’ll regret not having hired a professional. Plants are living beings too, so they need to be treated with care, respect and proper; learn what tools will help you to do such work in this way in this article.


So, the first and most basic of all the tools for our garden can be one hand or two hands, round or square. The shovel is what we will use to make the respective movements in the earth of considerable volume.

The square shovel is perfect for transporting fertilizer but is also excellent for tilling the soil, that is, to compact the soil, a process that is crucial before planting. What is needed is to aerate the substrate without damaging our back. In addition, the shovel is the best friend we will have at the time of a transplant.


Underestimated many times, the rake is and should always be what we use after tilling the soil with the shovel, this allows us to get rid of those hard terrains and level the soil of the crop, but above all helps us to remove all those bad weeds Leaving the soil ready for cultivation. A long stainless steel handle will help us take care of our back. The hand rake is as necessary as the big rake, it all depends on the size of your garden, but get one to clean your parcels of everything that should not be there before you start planting.

Chainsaw or Chainsaws

Chainsaw, another tool that most of the gardener cannot avoid if he has a large garden of his own. However, this tools mostly used for forest personnel like arborist. This saw help to cut large branches, climbing the tree range from small to a big one! Also, give an opportunity for pruning. They will be in different size, types and standard. Always try to have one regarding your need by getting informational search like best chainsaw reviews in google.

Pruning shears

Removing the excess branches and shoots is the same for plants as for the human body cutting hair or nails. It is necessary something that influences more than you think about the growth of plants. Also, they serve to help us to harvest or to collect without having to pull off the plants avoiding thus possible accidents.

Surely you know what a Bonsai is, but if you do not know, then I tell you that the only reason they believe how they do it is that of the care that the pruning has; Using pruning shears can be considered an art.


As with the shovel, there are many types of hoes that can help you in different tasks, breaking the earth with the binder, weeding between horizontal lines with the eliminating spontaneous plants with the hoe. It depends on what you need there is one, but the movement will always be more efficient the closer you use the edge, so you will have to crouch less.

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