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Best Ever Ways to Enclose Your Patio

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Having the perfect patio is a dream for many. If you are a party freak who always throws parties at your home, even on small occasions, then a lovely patio would help you a lot.

A patio could be the perfect place for your friends, family, and guests to hang out. Right?

But these are not only for parties; even if you are not a party person, a patio would also be the perfect place for you to relax after a stressful day at work. Under, we have a list of the best ways to enclose your patio.

What are the benefits of having an enclosed patio?

  • Lets you enjoy a more spacious home.
  • You can enjoy quality time with your family.
  • Perfect for home parties.
  • Enjoy all four seasons day and night on your patio.
  • It provides your kids and pets a safe place to play.

Enclosed Patio Ideas

  • Wooden outdoor patio

A wooden patio enclosure is one of the most used patios. It is aesthetical and elegant and is strong enough to withstand bad weather. It looks better if it is placed a few meters away from the house.

  • Sunroom patio

A sun-room patio has a lot of windows that let the sunlight in and enjoy nature. This type of patio is attached to the house, so it expands the living space. It is an excellent choice if you like open areas and nature.

  • Solariums

This type of patio allows maximum sunlight while protecting you from rain and snow. You can enjoy the blue sky as well as the stars at night on this patio.

This particular patio is not cheap, but it is worth the price. As it is made entirely with glass, it creates a stunning view and elegance.

  • Screened in patio

This patio is beautiful.  It is enclosed with window screens all over and around it. It lets in the natural light, but water might get in if accessive rain occurs.

 Overall, it is a great patio, but it depends on your location such that your property is not damaged.

  • Rope tensioned roofing

It is a simple-looking patio with simple awnings. It is not that expensive, and it is easy to work with it.

 Although, keep in mind that it is not that sturdy, but it can still protect you from UV rays, and you can enjoy a sunny day with your friends and family easily under there.

Read more about UV-C Lumigator Light.

  • Thatched patio enclosure

This patio is not that expensive, but it can create a tropical-island vibe in your backyard.

But it is a personal choice whether you like the tropical look or the modern look. It is sturdy, but this patio is not suitable for cold weather.

  •  Patio with wooden ceiling enclosure

A wooden ceiling can transform a simple patio into a stunning living area. Use wood furniture that compliments the wooden top. You can add a stone-fireplace too. That will create a much premium look and feel.

  • Patio with steel roof enclosure

This patio consists of a steel roof structure. It is very durable and sturdy. These patios are seen more in commercial places because of their simple yet elegant design and durability.

  • Patio umbrella

If you have a tight budget or space that limits you from other sorts of patio enclosures, a patio umbrella would be the right choice.

These are not like ordinary umbrellas; these are made to withstand rough weather conditions and are cheaper than most other patio options.

  • Three season rooms

A patio of this type allows you to enjoy your space from spring to fall. You can choose between single and double pane glass, depending on your wants and budget. It is meant to be climate controlled on a proceeding basis.

If it’s too cold outside, a heating unit will come in handy. Use a ceiling fan for air circulation to keep the place odorless and fresh.

  • Four season rooms

This patio area allows you to enjoy your space throughout the whole year in all different seasons. Double pane glass windows and door panels, which make up individual rooms’ walls, are a standard for all four season rooms.

For a more premium build and comfort, go for a high-performance glass and a room heating and cooling device. Now you have a perfect area for your family, pets, and guests to hang out on.

Things to consider while designing your patio


There are multiple choices in the case of flooring. Choosing an insulated flooring for a four-season room would require a lot of time, whereas a simple concrete flooring will be completed quickly. Your flooring should be durable enough to handle rough situations.


Furniture should be bought considering what activities you are planning to use your patio for.

If your deck is open and exposed to direct sunlight, make sure to use fabric and finish that is not affected by the sun. Buy furniture that compliments the amount of light coming in, flooring, and color.


The type of your deck depends on your location too. Go to your local designer company to get the best out of your money.

If you live in a tropical place where it rains frequently, you have an option. In contrast, if you live in a cold place where it’s always snowing, you have another option.

If you live in a dry area, you have a different option. Visit the patio enclosures phoenix az for the best build for the location if you are a local.


The overall cost of your patio depends entirely on you and your choices. It’s up to you what kind of patio enclosure you want.

The prices will base on the designs and materials you choose. So, look carefully at your budget and spend a meaningful amount.

Don’t use too premium materials if you can’t afford them. Focus on the overall looks. Everything should look good, not only the furniture, structure, or flooring. Best of luck!

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