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Benefits of killing mold using the UV-C Lumigator light

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You might be surprised by how many people have to fight daily against the mold. Even if you are in a wet free area, there is no guarantee that you won’t have to deal with the molds and germs. Most of the ways of removing mold left a chance for a health effect. Here come the benefits of killing mold using the UV-C Lumigator light

If used correctly, an UV light Bomb lamp can kill 99.9% of germs within a short while. Using this UV light sterilizer is not only environmental-friendly; it eliminates any molds and odor from the entire area virtually.

However, there are many things that would make you kill germs with light instead of dealing with other ways. Let’s have an in-depth discussion about your UV-C Lumigator light.

Why you should kill germs with UV light?

Is it possible to make your house fully moisture free? Most often, it’s not. A high humidity aids situation is where molds can form; everywhere, indoors and outdoors. 

Maybe you can’t notice that these are not visible and practicality harmless in a small amount.

But, when the molds spores touch the wet surface and gradually grow up in concentration, these can make such a harmful zone both for your home setting and health.

You should also be concerned that this mold triggers the production of various harmful germs, microbes, and bacteria.

So much threatening, isn’t it?

However, if you notice the molds, you can use several processes to remove these from your floor or other wet places.

You can scrub away the contaminations using a solution as the bleach and water but these only remove the visible mold as far as known.

While it comes with using UV-C light, well, let’s see the benefits. 

  • Can kill germs rapidly and more effectively than the other ways
  • Very effective removal of molds even with no need to use chemicals.
  • Removes mold by UV radiation not only as effectively; it saves time as well.
  • Can eliminate 99% of molds cells from the surrounding area.

Moreover, if you use the UV radiation here, these molds will fully dissipate and left a chance to not growing anymore. How? Well, it’s coming later.

Let’s discuss using UV radiation with a sterilizer lamp at first.

How safe the UV sterilizer lamp is?

Typically, it’s true that UV radiation is very significant to disinfection for viruses and bacteria and all other germs.

But what if it comes in contact with your skin, plant, or other sensitive surfaces that you no meant to harm?

 Yes, it’s dangerous also for this case as for the germs!

However, UV sterilizer lamps are made by keeping both the vast applications and the harmful sites in mind.

For example, UV light bomb Lumigator comes with several features of protection that make you keep yourself far away while lighting.

So, you can say it’s entirely safe!

Benefits of killing mold using my UV-C Lumigator light

Do you have the Lumigator from UV light Bomb?

 Well, then you can have a safe journey with it. The features it comes with can remove 99.9% of molds, bacteria, parasite, viruses, or whatever the germ is. 

Depending on your room size and mold concentration, you can set the lighting time to 15, 30, 60 sec. The 38-watt quartz light can sterilizer room even yours is up to 430 square feet. 

What about the safety zone?

Well, the Germicidal UV light can be controlled by remote from a long distance so that the radiation won’t harm you. 

After the switch is on, the light will delay 10 seconds to start so that you can leave the room and shut the door, ensuring your safety.

Also, you no need to expose to the light while shutting it down. These have a feature to aromatic shut down according to your set. 

Moreover, to have the best output, you need to clean with a UV light lamp to ensure the best disinfection is performed safely.

Will this UV light bomb actually kill mold?

  •  Not only the mold but germs as viruses, bacteria, parasites all can also be killed with a Germicidal UV light.

When you use this light correctly, placing anywhere on your home or in any industry, hospital; it can kill a range of pathogens from there.

Mainly the short wavelength of UV light (UVC) is Germicidal, which means to destroy and eliminate germs.

The entire area of a room is blanketed by the light where it’s placed; thus, it allows the whole area to be disinfected.

In your bathroom, say as an example, fecal contaminated bacteria like E-coli, Salmonella, etc. must be placed. Various types of parasites and mold spores, of course, will multiply on a wet surface.

These all the pathogens, even also viruses can’t survive when exposed to UV C radiation.

How does UV light kill mold?

You might be curious about how the light can kill the germs that even can’t be seen.

Let’s discuss it by steps.

  • When you set a UV lamp beside the molds grown, the short wavelength of UV-C sent out to these contaminated surfaces.
  • The light directly penetrates the mold’s cells and destroys the nucleic acid by forming a covenant bond between the bases of DNA.
  • This damaging prevents the DNA from replication.
  • Thus the mold cells eventually die after a while.

Your UV lamp then automatically turns off according to your set after killing the germs in your room.

Can you kill Corona Viruses with this LED UV light?

Yes, eventually, you can.

Studies have shown that the short wavelength of UV light can prevent some Corona Viruses such as SARS.

But, if you ask for Covid-19, we will say it’s not quite as good as we might have hoped.

The dose of radiation varies from genetic sequences of viruses and the type of materials the virus is lying on.

However, recently a lot of uses of the radiation are placed to prevent the virus from laying. In China, you would see, whole buses are being lit up the UV light; it seems like a ghostly blue area entire the night!

And this is working as well.

How to use UV-C Lumigator light safely?

Though the UV-C Lumigator light indeed comes with full safety features, you won’t find the desired output if you don’t handle it properly.

Let’s see how you can use it safely-

  • Make sure there are no plants, pets, or any living things in the room before activation.
  • Power on the Lumigator with remote and set the time.
  • The light will delay 10 sec to turn on. You should leave the room at this time and shut the door.
  • While it needs to be turned off, use the remote being far enough away from the light.

Another thing left!

Don’t forget to wear safety goggles comes with the lamp while dealing with the light.


Hopefully, you might agree that you can get the significant benefits of killing mold using the UV-C Lumigator light.

However, if you are painting area like the bathroom or basement having molds contamination, our suggestion would be-Invest in a powerful UV lamp; it would be worth investing.

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