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Are wooden dining tables more popular in India

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Indians are known for their sumptuous food habits. It does not matter, whether it is an occasion or the daily meals, there will be a number of dishes on the dining table. Then again, Indian homes are frequented by friends and guests, and they love to sit together and enjoy various food and drinks. Understandably, the dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in every household.

Presently, you can select from various types of the dining table. However, the wooden ones still remain the favorite of most Indian homes. It is hard ignoring the warmth, comfort, and finesse of wooden furniture. Moreover, a wooden dining table possesses a great aesthetic appeal and is exceptionally sturdy. Indians prefer a dining table that will last them for years. A wooden dining table is the best way to fulfill this desire. Let us determine the prominent reasons that make wooden dining tables popular in India.

Durable and strong

Wood is one of the most durable material and ideal for Indian families. It can sustain a good amount of load. No matter whether you prefer hardwood or softwood, both of these will offer great durability. Understandably, wooden dining tables provide the best value for your money.  Maintenance of wooden dining tables is also convenient. Occasional waxing, polishing, and oiling are all you need to do.

Majestic appearance

A wooden dining table will complement the décor of any type of dining room. It hardly matters, if you go for the light or dark-colored tables, it promises to be a prized possession in an Indian dining room. The wizardry of skilled artisans is visible, as they spare no effort in making the table look elegant and charming.

The hustle and bustle of city life leaves us in a state of despair. We long for the natural living instead of spending time in the concrete jungle. Wooden furniture is the ideal way of fulfilling this vacuum. Natural wood, with its vivid colors, patterns of grains, and fibers, are bound to instill a sense of relaxation. For more details, you can check out wooden dining tables here


No other material offers such a wide range of variety. We already mentioned wooden furniture can fit the bill of any type of room décor. Each specific wood has something unique, and they make the best inclusion at any Indian residence. The already good-looking wood receives further modification with the help of master craftsmen. Thus, you have the liberty of constructing the table as per your preferences. With so much scope for innovations, it is obvious, wooden dining tables are a unanimous choice for Indians.

Never goes out of style

Any kind of wooden furniture including the dining table never goes out of style. Regardless of the type of wood, whether it is plain or has an artistic touch to it, the style remains evergreen. Century-old dining tables or any other wooden furniture have great value to any homes.


You will not find any other material offering such excellent versatility. Whether you have a modern or contemporary home, wooden furniture will enhance the look of the interiors further. The other available materials like metal and plastic rely heavily on the kind of paint and colored material to match the look with the dining room. However, with wood, you need not worry about changing anything in the room.


Wooden furniture is modifiable. After using them for years, you can decide to modify its appearance. No other material offers this flexibility, and this is one of the reasons that makes wooden dining tables such a popular option.


Wood is a sustainable resource. Proper care is taken for the harvesting of wood, therefore trees continue to replenish. Presently, the emphasis is on eco-friendliness. Thus, when you buy wood from such eco-friendly places you can be sure they replace all the trees after harvesting them. By purchasing in this sustainable wood, you also contribute to cut back on carbon emission. Lastly, wood can be recycled conveniently.

All these aspects demonstrate the reasons that make wooden dining tables the best choice for Indian homes. For sure, no other material can beat the charm of the wood. 

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