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5 Secrets To Have A Bright Kitchen in The Easiest Way

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The easiest way to clean your kitchen is … keep it clean every day! Here are some tricks that will help you to avoid that “great cleaning” that you establish once a week, and that will make your kitchen is bright all the time, even during holidays and celebrations, ready for visitors!

We want to make life easier for you and for this reason today we are going to tell you those little tricks so that your kitchen is always clean.


An easy-to-clean blender

Cleaning the blender can be one of the most nerve-racking kitchen tasks we do, but it really does not have to be this way, do the following:

As soon as you finish using it, take the glass and rinse it in the sink to remove grease and dirt. Then fill it again with warm water and add a drop of Fairy liquid detergent, put it back in the blender, put on the lid and let it run for 20 seconds. This way you will not go crazy trying to eliminate the remains with the scrubber, Fairy and your blender will do the work for you in less than a minute! Then just rinse, rinse off and leave to dry.

Help your dishwasher

We know it sounds obvious, but it is. If you remove food leftovers from the dishes and your kitchen battery before putting them into the dishwasher, you will get better results and much more effective cleaning. You can use a scraper, or the cutlery and napkin itself.

Mind you, that does not mean that you also have to rinse them, you do not have to use water.

The Fairy Platinum dishwasher capsules will be much more effective in cleaning difficult debris and your machine will thank you for a longer shelf life. Fairy Platinum is the best innovation for machine washing because in addition to the anti-fat power of Fairy contains an innovative triple-liquid capsule that acts on the grease of your dishes and the machine at the same time. What better way to ensure your crockery comes out flawless if the machine comes out sparkling?


Soaking is your “friend”

Sometimes the dishes just need a good bath. To save time, before the time comes for scrubbing, why do not you put your pans into soaking? You can do it even before you sit at the table. In this way, you will then have the kitchen more organized and you will be able to continue with other tasks, in addition, the anti-fat power of Fairy reduces the work of scrubbing even when cleaning dirty dishes and pans.

Clean as you cook

It may seem like advice contrary to what intuition tells you, we know it. But time is saved, promised. Just rinsing the kitchen utensils and leaving them in the sink is already reducing the time needed to organize the subsequent washing. In this way, you can eliminate the odor and remove the fat while saving time and improving the results.

Your Dishwasher: Your Hero in the Kitchen

There are always days when the dishwasher is only half-full, and unless you use an eco-friendly program, the dishwasher uses the same amount of water every time you wash. Do not let the excess water are wasted, why not make it work for you?

Do you need to more clean of your kitchen? Remove the shelves and put them in the dishwasher, there are many more pieces that can be removed than you can imagine! You can also insert the burner lids and you will be solving part of the cleaning of the kitchen, Fairy Platinum for dishwashers makes everything easier with best microfiber mop.

Do not hesitate, anything in your kitchen that is small and admits cleaning in the dishwasher, put it on, so you save yourself some extra effort!

Did you like this article? We hope so! These are just some of our simple tricks to keep your kitchen clean all week, do you have any extra tricks you want to share with us? Tell us about it!

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