Garden & Outdoor – General Information on home tools Fri, 19 Jan 2018 04:10:54 +0000 en-US hourly 1 What to look for when purchasing a Basketball Hoop for your Home Fri, 19 Jan 2018 04:08:36 +0000 Basketball is one of the most popular sports not only in the United States but all over the world. Even you’ll be astonished to know that most of the US people believe that a home is not a sweet home without a basketball hoop either in the driveway or in the backyard. Really a basketball goal hoop is an amazing tool to enhance the beauty of your home.


You know, I’m not a professional basketball player, but there is a goal system installed in my backyard. The amazing truth about playing basketball is that besides ensuring the great source of entertainment, playing this team sport is also very effective to maintain your fitness. Most of the fitness lovers know that there are 3 amazing ways to achieve or maintain fitness without hitting the gym.

These are Jumping rope, Trampolining and playing Basketball. Recently we’ve published an informative post on trampoline buying guide here. Soon we also will share the details of jump rope with you and today we are going to disclose all the secrets when purchasing a Basketball Goal System for your Home.

Things to know before purchasing a Basketball Hoop:

As you’ve known from our trampoline buying guide that there’s something to be aware of before choosing a trampoline, the case is same here in purchasing a goal hoop. There are lots of basketball systems out there in the market. Some of them are extremely expensive, some are cheap, a few of are height adjustable and some are fixed. Moreover, all the hoops are not same in terms of quality, design and usability. So, let’s see the differences.

Types of Basketball Hoop:

Best Basketball Hoop

There are 3 types of basketball hoop. These are wall mount, portable and in ground. Wall mount hoop is best if space is limited. This type of hoop is usually set on the outside wall of your home. No ground space is required to set this type of hoop. So, you can choose this type of hoop if your driveway or selected space is not so large.

The next one is portable. This hoop is so popular because it can be easily moveable to anywhere (especially when you need to change your house). Anyone can easily place it even on the rooftop. But, this hoop can’t ensure the firm stability. So, if you are going to buy a basketball goal hoop for your kids, then this type of hoop will be suitable for you.

The last one is in ground. This is the complete type of hoop. This type of hoop is widely used in all types of professional matches from college basketball game to NBA. If you like to enjoy the professional taste of basketball, if you want to play aggressively, if you’re the big fan o the slam dunk and if you like to add one of the most beautiful sports equipment to your home, then there is no alternative to in ground hoop.

Parts of Basketball Hoop:

A basketball hoop has several parts. These are frame, backboard, pole, safety pad, rim, net and frame handle. H frame handle is the best to ensure the stability. But, if you like to buy a portable one, then you don’t have to be so anxious about the quality of parts. None of the portable hoops are as qualitiful as in ground or wall mounted one. If you don’t have any issue in budget, then steel frame, tempered glass backboard, slam it rim, square steel pole, these features will satisfy you most.

Materials of Basketball Hoop:

A basketball is bought for years to come and not for a single season. So, longevity is a must. Moreover, to enjoy basketball like the pro, performance is also considered deeply. If most of the players are youth, then single piece square steel pole, thick and clear glass backboard is always ready to cease the thirst of youths.

The common backboard materials are polycarbonate, acrylic and tempered glass. Tempered glass provides the best rebound of the ball and the other 2 are just used for those goal system which are designed mainly for the kids and non professionals. Portable basketball hoops are designed for the kids and toddlers. So, you won’t see tempered glass backboard in this type of hoops.

Size of Basketball Hoop:

The professional height of the basketball goal hoop is 10 feet and the backboard size is 72 inch. But, if there’s a limitation of space, then the 60”, 54”, 48 and even shorter sizes are available to suit your space. And about the height, you can easily determine the height of wall mounted hoops. Portables are mainly manufactured for the child. So, these are generally comes at the height range from 5 to 7.5 feet.

But, if you like to play basketball and also want to train your kids, then you’ll need to adjust the height of your hoop. Because it is not a logical decision to buy a hoop for your kids and another one for your own. That’s why manufacturers have designed some hoops which are height adjustable from 5 to 10 feet. So, you should be careful while choosing a hoop for your family.

Top Brands of Basketball Hoop:

Buying a sports equipment from the top brand is a born tendency of the most of the sports lovers. So, you should know the top brands. In terms of reputation, Spalding is on the top of the list. They are the official ball suppliers of NBA. So, I feel proud to use a hoop from Spalding. LifeTime is another popular brand.

If you like to purchase a quality basketball goal hoop at the most cheapest price, then you can count on this manufacturer. Some other famous brands are SilverBack, Produnk, Goalrilla and Ryval. All the brands are extremely expert in manufacturing the best to satisfy you. They mainly design 3 types of hoop. These are cheap, standard and expensive. LittleTikes also manufacture basketball hoops, but they manufacture only for the kids.

Final Verdict:

I believe that one never suites all. So, all the brands are successful to win their customers. The main thing is that first of all you’ve to find out the reason of buying a basketball hoop. If you’re going to buy one as a means of achieving your fitness, then you’ll have to be confirmed about the stability of your hoop. This type of hoop also enhances the beauty of your home and will cost you a little more than portable hoops.

If you like to play with your kids and also with your friends, you then should buy the height adjustable systems, because kids won’t feel comfort to shoot a ball to the 10 feet height. But, if you are thinking of purchasing a hoop only to surprise your little kid, then portable hoops will do the best. Hope this guide will help you to make your decision. Have fun and don’t forget to share your thought with us. Finally, let’s see what others look for before purchasing a basketball goal hoop:

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Lanai Screen Repair: Why to do Sat, 06 Jan 2018 17:58:38 +0000 Lanai is the external extension of your house which is covered by a screen. Lanai isn’t covered with wall of brick, wood or another material like the other rooms of your house. It is normally covered with screens which can be removed.

But some lanai also contains non-removable screens according to the preference of the owner of the house. It is thought that lanai increases the beauty of the house. It is true. A perfectly designed and regularly cleaned lanai can increase the beauty of your house.

 Why should Lanai Screen be Repaired?

The screen of the lanai is called as the lanai screen. As lanai is the external extension of the house, it becomes attacked by a large number of things. As a result, you may find your lanai screen fractured. Besides, any external or internal hit may break the lanai screen. At that time, you will need to repair the lanai screen.

Here a few things are discussed which creates the need for repairing the lanai screen-

  1. It is a common matter that different birds sit on the screen of the lanai. Those birds also leave waste products on the screen most of the time. Corrosion may be occurred by the waste products of those birds. This corrosion leaves a scar on the screen. As a result, the screen doesn’t look good and needs to be replaced to recover the beauty of the house and lanai.
  2. If there is a garden or lawn in front of your house with a few big trees, there must be some squirrels. A bad thing about these tiny cute creatures is these are really annoying sometimes. Squirrels make holes in the joints of the screen and frame by chewing or gnawing the frame. These holes increase the need for repairing the lanai screen.
  3. Natural calamities like storm, thunderstorm, and hurricanes may cause damage to the lanai screen. The damages caused by these natural calamities may be huge or tiny, for example- these may break most of the screen of the lanai or make some small holes here and there. But you need to repair the screens if you want to enjoy the benefits of a lanai.
  4. If you live near the ocean, the salty weather will destroy the frame structure of your lanai screen. The weather may corrode the metal parts of the screen frame. As a result, you need to change the frame. Otherwise, the lanai won’t look beautiful. Besides, corrosion may create holes in the screen frame and make it weak.
  5. If your home is located in a place where the temperature is extreme, you may need to change the screen not frequently but a few times in a year. Extreme temperature can leave its footprint on the screen by creating distort, degradation or dry rot portions. Besides, the extreme temperature can change the color of the frame or the screen. As a result, you have to change the screen and frame of the lanai.

Some Suggestions about Lanai Screen Repairing

  1. At the time of repairing or changing the lanai screen, think of upgrading it to get more advantage besides of a good look. The upgrading may contain upgrading of the materials, upgrading of the design or upgrading of the features.
  2. You may add some features to look your lanai more beautiful. For example- a few artworks on the screen may bring a different touch.
  3. At the time of changing the screen of lanai, take professional help. There are a lot of people who provide lanai screen repairing service. They also may help and contribute to your beautification idea.
  4. Changing the shape of the lanai will change the look of your house. But if you don’t want hazards, you shouldn’t look for it.

Final Thought

Lanai is a good idea of making the house a bit more beautiful. As a result, many people are having a lanai with their house. But, it should be taken care of properly. So, don’t be too late if your lanai screen needs to be repaired.

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How to Organize Your Garage Perfectly Thu, 08 Jun 2017 20:42:17 +0000 Cleaning and organizing the Garage is indeed a cumbersome task.  However, we always notice that some people win this task by keeping their garage organized in the most subtle manner. There are no hidden secrets to maintaining the garage but there are a few key notes that will help in organizing our garage perfectly.


Mount the shelves on the Wall:

Although the idea of installing the wall shelves in the garage looks like an uninvited expense, but it can be a fruitful decision in the long run. There are various small and big items that we keep in garage such as used and unused paint boxes, tool kit, lubricants, car washers etc. These things tend to occupy a lot of space if we let them lie down somewhere on the ground. We will not only keep the things in an organized manner by putting them in the shelves but also creating more space in the garage.

The small items arranged on the shelves can be easily located in the future whenever you may need them.

Installation of ceiling storage system:

The ceiling storage system will help you put the things at bay that you do not need immediately or in the day to day life. The ceiling storage will keep such things in one fixed place and safer from the ground interference. You can store things like spare parts or small machines, tools, windshield washer fluids, engine oil and other lubricants that are not used quite often etc.

Assemble your workbench as wall mounted table:

Depending on the space constraints, take your call if you can manage to have a horizontally foldable table for your essential tools or a wall-mounted foldable table. An assembly of all the needed tools at one place will make your life easy and well organized.

Make a rack for shovels, Brooms etc

Instead of placing the rakes, shovels and brooms in the corner, why not position them comfortably on the rack. Not only will you find it easy to locate them, they will look pretty much cleaner and it will be easy to pull the necessary item as and when required.

Parking needs to be guided:

Just like the entrance of a shopping mall or movie hall, guide your own parking too. If you have ever bumped your car too much inside the garage, you would want to place your own parking bumper in the garage. However one doesn’t need to spend money to organize things efficiently. Simply use a marker like hanging a ball net or a garage marker to indicate the parking limits. This way you will save your vehicle from damage and the other items lying in the garage too.

Start the “flush out” campaign:

While organizing your garage you may realize that there are many items lying in there which have never been needed. It happens with all of us. We often dump the “usable but not essential” items in our garage considering them “to be used later” but often these items just occupy the space and serve no purpose just like an old broom, the torn car cover etc. Now when you have decided to organize your garage space, it is the time to get rid of them. Start sorting the stuff in your garage and let the trash go out of it. Now it is the time to make space for the things that are much more important! Prioritize and flush out what you do not need.

Labeling can be wonderful:

Depending on the kind of cabinets or storage that you are using, you can create your personal labels for the items that you have stored in the garage. For example let the labels read as “tool box”, “garden supplies”, “car spares”, “lubricants and oils”, “sports equipment” etc. These portrayals in the form of labels will add to your memory. Not only will you be able to remember the stuff you have organized in a better way, even if you forget it will not cause a trouble while finding them out. Keeping the things in their zone is what we mean by labeling here.

Using the furniture:

Instead of throwing the unused cabinets and cupboards in your house to the trash collector, it is better to bring them to your garage. Use them as garage organizer and place the items as suggested above.

Try to minimize the use of cartons:  

What we often do with cartons is to simply dump out the unused items into them. It again creates a heap that we do not want to sort out later for months. So it is better that we use shelves, racks and cabinets instead of cartons. Our essentials will not even get spoiled or damaged and it will be easy to monitor their upkeep.

These are a few tricks that can help in organizing your garage in the most efficient manner. Try these and work them out to attain a neat and clean garage.




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